Housing associations: calculate the social value of your tenancies to society using our free tool

Our free, easy-to-use tool helps housing associations to calculate in minutes the value their social tenancies have on the wider economy.

A social tenancy is much more than a roof over someone’s head. Social landlords provide affordable, safe and secure tenancies in homes that meet the decent homes standard. Everything they do helps to lay the foundations for a good, stable life for their tenants.

When our team set out to measure the Value of a Social Tenancy based on Hyde Housing Group’s social tenancies and to enable Hyde to show the value it was bringing, they proved that “social tenancies which are well-run and well-managed help save millions of taxpayers pounds in other areas of crucial importance to society, including education, policing and overall local authority expenditure.”

The team has used the learning from and methodology behind the Hyde report to prepare a free, easy-to-use tool for other social housing providers to calculate the value of their own tenancies. The tools assesses elements such as the number of tenancies, the geographic mix, the tenant profile and spending on construction to calculate the figure. This may be useful if you want to get a sense of the values that a fuller review might show, or simply want an outline review based on the methodologies developed for Value of a Social Tenancy. You can find out more about the underpinning methodologies, as well as how to use them to produce your own fuller evaluation, by following the link above.

Simply click the “download” button below to access the tool. If you have questions, our team are very happy to provide further insights. We’ll be collating results to prepare a sector-wide benchmarking report, so please do send your final results through to us.

Note: you’ll need to enable macros to use the tool.