This research (available here) explores the stories of people helped by Home Improvement Agencies to find, fund, and use adaptations in their homes. Enabling them to stay in the homes they love, in the areas and near to the people they know is hugely valuable on a human level. However, it is all the more essential when accessible properties are not being constructed quickly enough to meet the needs of a growing older and disabled population, nor is it economically sensible to construct afresh when needs can be met at lower cost in the houses which are already built and occupied.

Our research used stories of specific cases to explore five key needs being met, time and time again. The financial benefits emerge from our exploration of these stories (or blended case studies) with their individual storylines. Even with an evaluation of just some of the cost benefits, and a restriction of the evaluation period to one over which outcomes can be reasonably predicted, cost benefits are felt which all show strong improvements.

Whichever way you look at it, home adaptions bring real value.


Published On: March 10th, 2023Categories: Publications, ReportsBy

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