Our clients

From the moment of our inception in 2014 we have been proud of our social focus.  We care about people, communities, the environment and the planet and we are at our best supporting those who share our values.

We work with charities and social enterprise, with funds and foundations, with public bodies, and with private sector organisations.  Whilst we are not restricted to particular parts of the social sector, Sonnet has recognised expertise and experience in:

  • Housing, especially social and specialist supported housing
  • Education and training, including exam awarding bodies
  • Children & Young People
  • Women, girls and families, including VAWG, and women offenders
  • Organisations needing to re-imagine services to meet wider needs for less
  • Social care, community care and health
  • Community assets, placemaking and the built environment
  • Leisure, sport & cultural services and assets

We know that our clients usually know more about their worlds than we do.  As we develop new knowledge we share it, so that those wanting to deliver impact believe it is possible, and so that the advisory market develops to respond appropriately to their needs.  In this way we can help clients not only to meet their own goals, but to lead the thinking across their sector, to gather disparate voices together for greater influence, or to establish a common approach towards effecting the change that’s needed.

Recent clients include: