Impact management

We work with you to plan, design and deliver positive impact through your activities and to identify impact opportunities.

Impact measurement frameworks

We help to identify what matters, creating a framework that will measure, report and manage the impact you have.

Exploring the landscape

We help you to explore the need and opportunity in your chosen field, and deepen your understanding.

Theory of Change

How you deliver that impact – we help you to understand it, to test it and talk about it with confidence.

Articulating your value

We help you to clarify the effect you are having and express that in a clear and engaging way.

Building ESG action and reporting

We enable you to explore what ESG means for you and develop an ESG framework that aligns with your impact ambition.

Evaluating impact

Enabling you to place a value on the social and economic impact created by your activities or project, essential for influencing policy decisions and stakeholders.

Evaluating success of pilot interventions

Creating an evaluation approach (and acting as learning partner if desired) to ensure the right lessons are learnt from pilots and going programmes.

We pride ourselves on working around your needs and not fitting you into a pre-defined box

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