Developing strategy

We work with you to understand your strategic ambition and map a course towards it.

Scenario planning

Building a framework for testing your strategic choices through ‘4 Worlds’ analysis and others.

Situational analysis and systems change

Drawing on impact evaluations to identify unhelpful systems and brokering influencing conversations at sector level.

Improving management control systems

Maximising the potential and integrity of your governance model using walkthroughs and observations.

Improving governance effectiveness

Assessing how good governance is embraced, and whether the board is accountable, transparent and encourages stakeholder participation.

Risk planning and management

Using situational and systems analysis (and other tools) to identify vulnerabilities and develop risk management responses.

Developing impact-based decision-making

Develop impact language and understanding, create impact questions and criteria for decisions by Board and line managers.

Restructuring, repositioning and turnaround

Developing a better structure, a new market position, or handling a challenging time and changing to recover.

We pride ourselves on working around your needs and not fitting you into a pre-defined box

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