When we sent out our best wishes for the Christmas holiday period, we asked you a question – What gift would you wish for the World in 2021?

We had a really good response from lots of friends, colleagues and clients old and new…and some heartwarming and interesting ideas.

A key theme was kindness and the desire that we all take a moment to reflect on who we are, what we have in common and what really matters to us as a human race.  Yes, there were wishes for prosperity, peace and fulfilment, but without exception they were global wishes – a hope that we would help each other to thrive, and that children especially would feel loved, nurtured and have good opportunities.   The caring theme extended from children to caring for each other and the planet.  The natural environment – the planet and its wonderful, but finite and fragile resources – was a main recipient of good wishes.  For the World to flourish, we need to acknowledge our responsibilities towards it, and to do so now – we have precious little time to make our wishes come true.

Thanks to everyone who replied – we loved reading your inspiring and uplifting messages.  To welcome the New Year and all the promise and opportunity it brings, here is a word cloud of your Gifts to the World – may we all come together in making the wish a reality.